Saturday, February 5, 2011

student blog list and small groups

This list will be available throughout the semester under the Pages Tabs at the top of the blog, on the home page.

On the spreadsheet you will find the student's name, blog url, and blog title.

Colors denote small groups. Whoever has the same color as you is in your small group. There are four groups of four and two groups of three.

Each week, in addition to your own weekly reflection on your blog, you will be expected to read, engage with, and comment on at least two other members' blog posts from your small group. If you are in a group of four, make sure you are alternating your comments to keep the number of comments equal throughout the semester. These comments could include continuing a conversation that has been started on the blogs between you and other small group members. The idea is to create a dialogue within a small group dynamic and allow those in your small group to be contact points for you during the semester, to be those that best know your work and ideas, and who will feel comfortable giving honest feedback.

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