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art 21: protest

The following links are to excerpts from the Art:21 episode on Protest.
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Nancy Spero

An-My Lê

Alfredo Jaar

Jenny Holzer

protest artists

These are images from the PowerPoint shown in class. To access the entire slide show, click here.

All information is from the article, "Marking Politics: Drawing as Translation in Recent Art," by Claire Gilman, in Art Journal, Fall 2010.


from "Marking Politics: Drawing as Translation in Recent Art,"
Art Journal, Fall 2010, pp. 115 - 127.

The second project of this semester is to create a drawing based on the current political/protest events occurring in Wisconsin. 

Andrea Bowers, Diabloblackade, Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, Abalone Alliance, 1981,
2003, graphite on paper; 8 x 10 in. (20.3 x 25.4 cm).
Collection of Gaby and Wilhelm Schurmann, Germany
(artwork c Andrea Bowers; photograph by Jens Ziehe,
provided by Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects).

Your assignment is to use drawing as translation as you address this subject matter, as written about by Claire Gilman, curator at the Drawing Center in New York, in the article "Marking Politics: Drawing as Translation in Recent Art."

Accompanying your drawing will be a 750-800 word essay that describes your project's inception, its main theme(s), your process of creating. Use at least two artists from the reading and/or PowerPoint with which to compare and contrast your work. In other words, use these artists' works to give context to what you are doing. Consider also referencing some of the other articles and authors linked to in the PowerPoint, for example, Mark Nash's article, "Reality in the Age of Aesthetics," from frieze, Issue 114, April 2008.

The drawings and papers will be due on Tuesday, March 29. 

  • We will have work days Tuesday, March 8, and Thursday, March 10.
  • Spring break is Saturday, March 12 - Sunday, March 20.
  • We will begin a new unit on Tuesday, March 22.
  • We will have a Game Design candidate on campus Thursday, March 24. I will let you know details about class as we get closer to that date.
  • We will critique these projects the week of March 29 - 31.

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