Thursday, March 11, 2010

emulation project

When we return from spring break, you will be presenting your Influences & Sources paper to the class (Tuesday, March 30).

The next project (after working with the figure in class next week, March 16 and 18), will be a project in which you emulate one of the artists from your Influences & Sources paper.

Uta Barth Emulation by SkeenaalleyGirl on flickr

Emulation Project
Choose one artist to emulate from your Influences & Sources paper.
Emulate means to "match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation."

What I'd like you to do for this project is to get into the mind of the artist. Research him/her as much as you can--through reading, looking at videos, reading reviews of their work, looking at as much of their work as you can find. Imagine becoming that artist.

Create a drawing in which you almost embody that artist. Pretend to be them and to be making their choices. Work with a similar subject matter, theme, medium, scale, etc. Do not copy a pre-existing work, but make a new work as your chosen artist might make it.

We will work on this project in class April 6 and April 8. You will be expected to work on it outside of class between March 30 and April 6. Mid Program Review is April 1 so there will be no Art & Design classes that day. Critique will be April 15 (Advising Day is April 13, so no classes that day, either!).

Feel free to make an appointment with me during those times when we are not meeting due to the MPR and Advising if you'd like me to give you feedback on your drawing.

After this, there will be two more projects due during the semester, plus our end-of-the-year show in Gallery 209. Stay tuned for details!

myers-briggs type analysis

If you have not already done so, you need to create a blog post that reflects upon our work in class this past Tuesday (9 March 2010), taking the Myers-Briggs personality test/type indicator. Do this by next Tuesday (16 March 2010).

Write a minimum of two paragraphs that address the following questions. If you've already blogged about the experience, add to your post or create a new one in which you answer any of these questions you may not have addressed.

  1. Name and describe your type.
  2. Read your type's description and write what you find especially true to yourself within that description and what you find only partially, or not at all, descriptive of you.
  3. How do the strengths of your type influence the work you do as an artist/designer, especially as related to Drawing III this semester? What weaknesses of your type do you need to remain aware of in order to overcome them when needed?
  4. How may your type affect the choices you make in regard to subject matter?
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your type in a group setting such as critique? What does your type have to offer the class in a critique setting? What weaknesses need to be addressed in order for you to be a successful participant in critique? (Remember, participation during critiques makes up a part of your grade. If you are not participating to your fullest potential, this will be reflected in your grade. If you need to participate through writing and commenting on blogs, you need to take the initiative to do so.)

influences and sources

one of my artistic influences: Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945), Woman with her Dead Child (1903)

Influences & Sources:
Research and write a paper that explores, discovers, and finds connections between the artists and ideas that drive your work as an artist/designer. This is primarily a discovery paper that uses source material to aid in that process. Sources should be noted.

This paper should be 8 - 10 pages, double-spaced. You will present the paper during class on March 30. Plan to present for 4 minutes with 1 minute for questions and answers. The presentation should include visual sources, especially for artistic influences, but visuals will be helpful for the other influences and sources as well.

Before writing, read the chapter titled "Writing" in Deborah Hayne's Art Lessons.

Write about each of the following influences and sources:

I. Artistic Influences & Sources
Out of many artists you have studied or seen, which ones truly resonate with you and your aesthetic sensibilities? What about them and their work do you find compelling? What does their work offer you; how does your work differ?

II. Influences & Sources from outside the art world
These influences and sources should include other areas of study and thought that give insight into what you make and who you are as an artist? What do you care about beyond your art-making practice? What fascinates you? What have others written that connect with your work? Examples include science, music, literature, popular culture, film, etc.

III. Personal Influences & Sources
This does not mean "personal" as in private, but rather "personal" as defined as "of, affecting, or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else." What in your experience as a unique person has affected or might affect your work as an artist/designer? Examples may include or be similar to (or vary broadly from) such topics as childhood experiences/stories, family interactions, siblings, place you've lived, institutions you were/are a part of, places you've traveled, etc.

As an example, see my paper here.
My paper is missing its sources; I apologize. I link to it here not to give you a blue print for what your paper should be, but to give you an idea of the quality of writing I'm expecting. This paper should be thoughtful and thorough. It should aim to make connections between each of the three areas of influence. It will serve as a reference for the rest of the semester as you make more work and we engage in more critique sessions.